Empowering you to live your best life

Feel invisible? Feel judged? Don’t believe in yourself? Have low self esteem?

Once upon a time that used to be me. I now empower others to live their best life.

Imposter syndrome, feelings of not being good enough, the fear of failure, the fear of success and becoming comfortable with being seen and heard were all hurdles I had to jump over and I now have tools I can share with others who are experiencing the same emotions.

This journey took commitment. Outwardly, I was a successful leader running multi-million-dollar teams yet inwardly, my self-belief and worth had disappeared and I felt invisible. Owning this has helped me to get off the treadmill of burnout, overwhelm and loneliness and onto the path of freedom, happiness, and peace.

Whether you are a leader of teams, a business owner, a corporate professional, a person trying to get back into the workforce. or a person wanting to redesign what their future life looks like, I can help!

Once you start to see, hear and believe in yourself and find the voice you have from within, you will wonder why you waited so long to start.

If you are ready to go for that promotion, change your career pathway, decide what the next chapter in your life is or build your team’s visibility and reputation, let’s partner together and create magic!

Why choose me?

I used to feel invisible and now I don’t because I believe in my value and what I have to offer the world. My story is one of personal development, transformation and change and I can help you to become visible in your own world.

As a People Strategist, I combine my leadership, coaching and Human Resources (HR) expertise to create and deliver practical, people focussed solutions so:

  • Individuals can find a good rhythm with their work and home life without feeling overwhelmed and burnt out
  • Teams can have clarity on their role so they can deliver great outcomes to their leaders, stakeholders and clients
  • Leaders and Managers can understand and communicate what success looks like so their team is seen as trusted advisors and high performers
  • HR Practitioners can support their people and organisation.

I use my experience to empower people to live their best life and find their voice from within so they can feel visible.

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Three ways you can work with me


One-on-one coaching and mentoring


Job and Career Transition Support


Leadership Support and Strategy

My advice to inspire you

What my clients say

Kylie keeps me grounded and reminds me of what I can control. I leave our chats feeling inspired. I have more perspective and am ready to tackle the world ~ Casey A, Executive Leader – Australian Government, March 2021

My sessions with Kylie enabled me to have the confidence to take the leap into a new direction and industry. I am extremely happy with the decision. I would not have had the self-assurance to do so without the support and guidance from Kylie. I have so much gratitude for Kylie’s time and mentoring. It is clear she is passionate to develop and support others. I highly recommend Kylie James who will bring out the very best version of you ~ Maree S – Senior Policy Officer, Australian Government, May 2021

She is certainly extraordinary! At our first meeting, I just knew I wanted to work with her ~ Kym B, Founder and Director, Options Plus – Ageing with Choice, September 2021

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